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Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray TD Passes
Player Prop Week 9

Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks

Kyler Murray TD Passes Prop is currently Over/Under 1.5 (-113/-113).

  • THE BLITZ projects the Cardinals to run the 2nd-most total plays among all teams this week with 66.2 plays, accounting for their underlying tendencies and game dynamics.
  • The Arizona Cardinals have called the most plays in the NFL this year, totaling a whopping 66.0 plays per game.
  • The weatherman calls for 4-mph wind in this game. Low wind typically means higher pass volume, higher TD potential, and increased passing efficiency.
  • Kyler Murray has attempted 42.6 passes per game this year, grading out in the 92nd percentile among quarterbacks.
  • The Seattle Seahawks linebackers project as the 2nd-worst unit in football this year in covering receivers.

  • THE BLITZ projects the Arizona Cardinals as the 9th-least pass-heavy team in the league near the goal line (context-neutralized) at the present time with a 55.4% red zone pass rate.
  • Opposing teams have averaged 33.5 pass attempts per game vs. the Seattle Seahawks defense this year: 7th-least in the league.
  • The Arizona Cardinals O-line ranks as the 10th-worst in the NFL this year in pass protection, which has a harmful impact on all passing attack stats across the board.
  • Kyler Murray's throwing precision has declined this year, with his Completion% decreasing from 68.0% to 64.7%.
  • The Arizona Cardinals offensive line has given their quarterback a mere 2.34 seconds before getting pressured (worst in the NFL since the start of last season), which has a harmful effect on all pass game metrics across the board.

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