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Betting Models

Achieve more profitable results by leveraging powerful analytics. Sophisticated betting models handicap the true value of a betting opportunity.

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Research Tools

Identify edges in the markets using real-time odds, line movement, proprietary stats, and predictive trends to help you to make smarter bets.

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Expert Insight

Learn betting strategies from industry experts through chat forum and insightful articles.

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Meet EV Analytics


EV Analytics is a predictive analytics company that uses real-time odds, proprietary predictive models, and advanced software tools to enable bettors like you to make smarter bets.


We cut through the noise of bogus betting information to provide truly valuable, authoritative, predictive sports analytics. Our aim is to empower sports bettors with sophisticated research tools and indispensable resources to handicap the true value of a betting opportunity.


Achieve more profitable results by utilizing our suite of innovative tools and data including:

  • accurate predictive player, team, and game betting projections
  • sophisticated software suite including research tools, live odds, trends, and alerts
  • advanced stats and proprietary data developed by industry experts
  • betting strategies and expert insight


Each member of our team, from professional handicapper to data scientist, improves our complex methodologies while creating value, optimizing performance, and offering transparency.

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