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About Us

Meet EV Analytics

EV Analytics is a cutting-edge sports analytics company trusted by fans, bettors, and sports media outlets to quantify the true value of a betting opportunity. We cut through the noise of bogus betting information to provide authoritative and predictive sports data.

Each member of our EVA team improves our complex methodologies while creating value, optimizing performance, and offering transparency. By harnessing the power of collective intelligence, (professional gamblers, data scientists, mathematicians, and more), we provide clarity on sports betting markets, and identify key trends to help inform smarter betting decisions.

Our aim is to empower our entire community— from sports fans and bettors to enterprise organizations— with sophisticated research tools and indispensable resources. Using sports projections, proprietary predictive models, betting stats, betting calculators, and real-time game, team, and player odds, we help you bet like a pro.