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Hayden Hurst

Hayden Hurst Receptions
Player Prop Week 9

Carolina Panthers vs Indianapolis Colts

Hayden Hurst Receptions Prop is currently Over/Under 2.5 (+145/-190).

  • The Carolina Panthers have a new play-caller this year in offensive coordinator Thomas Brown, and the leading projections forecast their pass/run mix to skew 6.2% more towards passing than it did last year (context-neutralized).
  • Based on the game dynamics and the underlying play styles of each team, this contest is forecasted by the projection model to have 133.0 total plays run: the highest number among all games this week.
  • The Panthers have called the 4th-most plays in football this year, averaging a monstrous 63.4 plays per game.
  • The passing games of both teams (in terms of both volume and efficiency) ought to benefit from the still weather conditions (3-mph wind) being called for in this game, while rush volume may go down.
  • As it relates to linebackers in defending receivers, Indianapolis's LB corps has been terrible this year, projecting as the 6th-worst in the NFL.

  • Hayden Hurst's 21.3 WOPR (Weighted Opportunity Rating—an advanced metric that calculates high-value offensive volume) has been substantially worse this season than it was last season at 28.8.
  • As it relates to protecting the passer (and the importance it has on all pass attack stats), the O-line of the Carolina Panthers profiles as the 2nd-worst in the league this year.
  • Hayden Hurst's 2.0 adjusted catches per game this season conveys a meaningful diminishment in his receiving prowess over last season's 4.0 figure.
  • Hayden Hurst's 59.7% Adjusted Catch Rate this year illustrates a noteable reduction in his receiving ability over last year's 79.1% mark.

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