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Hayden Hurst

Hayden Hurst Receptions
Player Prop Week 8

Carolina Panthers vs Houston Texans

Hayden Hurst Receptions Prop is currently Over/Under 3.0 (+105/-135).

  • The leading projections forecast the Panthers offense to tilt 5.6% more towards the passing attack than it did last year (in a neutral context) with offensive coordinator Thomas Brown now calling the plays.
  • This game's line suggests a throwing game script for the Panthers, who are -3.5-point underdogs.
  • Based on the game dynamics and the underlying approaches of each team, this game is anticipated by the projection model to see 132.3 total plays called: the 3rd-most on the slate this week.
  • The 4th-most plays in the NFL have been called by the Carolina Panthers this year (a colossal 64.0 per game on average).
  • The Houston Texans defense has been something of pass funnel this year, causing opposing QBs to attempt the 9th-most passes in the league (38.5 per game) this year.

  • Based on their underlying tendencies and matchup dynamics, the predictive model expects the Carolina Panthers to pass on 56.9% of their chances: the 11th-lowest rate on the slate this week.
  • With a RATE1-RATE2 point drop-off in WOPR (Weighted Opportunity Rating—an advanced stat that assesses high-value offensive usage) from last season to this one, Hayden Hurst has been relied on much less in his offense's passing attack.
  • When talking about pass-blocking (and the impact it has on all passing attack statistics), the O-line of the Carolina Panthers grades out as the 2nd-worst in the NFL this year.
  • Hayden Hurst's 2.3 adjusted receptions per game this year signifies a meaningful decline in his pass-catching proficiency over last year's 4.0 figure.
  • Hayden Hurst's 65.7% Adjusted Catch% this year signifies a noteable diminishment in his pass-catching ability over last year's 79.1% rate.

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