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Drake London

Drake London Receptions
Player Prop Week 4

Atlanta Falcons vs Cleveland Browns

Drake London Receptions Prop is currently Over/Under 4.5 (-125/-105).

  • This game will be played in a dome—which means zero wind, increased pass volume, increased TD potential, and better passing effectiveness.
  • THE BLITZ projects Drake London to total 8.7 targets in this game, on average, putting him in the 90th percentile among wide receivers.
  • The Atlanta Falcons have faced a stacked the box on 17.6% of their plays since the start of last season, 10th-most in the league. Keeping an extra defender close to the line of scrimmage improves run-stopping at the expense of better passing efficiency.
  • The Atlanta Falcons have used some form of misdirection on 53.2% of their play-calls since the start of last season (7th-most in the NFL), which masks an offenses true intentions and may make them more effective.

  • THE BLITZ projects the Atlanta Falcons to be the 7th-least pass-heavy team on the slate this week with a 54.4% pass rate, based on their underlying tendencies and matchup dynamics.
  • THE BLITZ projects the Falcons to call the least offensive plays on the slate this week with 61.4 plays, given their underlying tendencies and game dynamics.
  • The Atlanta Falcons have called the 2nd-least plays in the NFL since the start of last season, totaling a mere 55.1 plays per game.
  • The Atlanta Falcons O-line ranks as the 5th-worst in the NFL since the start of last season in pass protection, which has a harmful effect on all pass attack statistics across the board.
  • The Cleveland Browns pass defense has conceded the 10th-lowest Completion% in the league (64.5%) versus WRs since the start of last season (64.5%).

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