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Larry Nance Jr.

Larry Nance Jr. Made 3 Point Shots
Player Prop - 1/15/2024

Dallas Mavericks vs New Orleans Pelicans

Larry Nance Jr. Made 3 Point Shots Prop is currently Over/Under 0.5 (+175/-230).

  • Larry Nance Jr. has sunk 70.8% of his attempts from downtown over the last 10 games, 22.5% more than he's converted from beyond the arc overall this season.
  • The matchup vs. the Mavericks is a tough one for three-pointers; the other team has shot for the 8th-lowest 3-point rate in the league over the last 5 games (35.1%).
  • The Pelicans will likely see a spike in opportunities in this contest from competing against the 7th-quickest tempo home offense in the league over the last 20 games (the Dallas Mavericks).
  • Offensive rebounds retain possession and produce added opportunities for scoring and assists, and the Pelicans rank 7thbest in in the league away from their home court with 11.3 offensive boards per game over the last 20 games.

  • Among all players in the NBA, Larry Nance Jr. slots into the 23rd percentile for three-point attempts, averaging 1.0 per game this year.
  • In terms of 3-point attempts, the 3rd-least aggressive offense in the league this year has been the New Orleans Pelicans.
  • The slowest pace team in the NBA over the last 15 games has been the New Orleans Pelicans.
  • Over the last 5 games when they are the visiting team, opposing teams have come down with 14.6 offensive boards per game (highest in the league) against the Dallas Mavericks (maintaining possessions that can produce more opportunities for offense).
  • Larry Nance Jr. should suffer a reduction in output in all facets of the game due to being on the road in this game.

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