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Josh Richardson

Josh Richardson Assists
Player Prop - 1/14/2024

Miami Heat vs Charlotte Hornets

Josh Richardson Assists Prop is currently Over/Under 3.0 (-137/-137).

  • Josh Richardson has totaled 2.9 assists per game this year, placing him in the 76th percentile -- among the league's best by this metric in recent days.
  • Josh Richardson will enjoy the benefit of the home court advantage in this matchup. Playing on your home court usually boosts stat production across the board.

  • Out of all players in the league, Josh Richardson slots into the 91st percentile for technical fouls, posting a colossal 0.1 fouls per game this year.
  • The Miami Heat have played at the 3rd-slowest pace-of-play in the NBA this year.
  • The Hornets have played at the 2nd-slowest tempo in the league over the last 20 games, which should reduce plays for the Heat.
  • The Heat check in as the 5th-worst offensive rebounding offense in the league this year (offensive rebounds maintain possession, and a lack of them may therefore eliminate additional opportunities for scoring and assists).
  • While playing away from home, the Hornets have allowed the 9th-most offensive boards per game (11.1) in the league to opposing squads over the last 15 games (offensive rebounds maintain possession and can therefore lead to additional chances for scoring and assists).

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