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Jaylin Williams

Jaylin Williams Made 3 Point Shots
Player Prop - 5/15/2024

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks

Jaylin Williams Made 3 Point Shots Prop is currently Over/Under 0.5 (+100/-120).

The money has been on the Under as it opened 0.5 @ -115 before it was bet down to 0.5 @ -120.
  • Jaylin Williams has successfully made 51.1% of his 3-pointers over the last 15 games at home, 12.2% more than he's made in all games this season on his home court.
  • With respect to shots from behind the three-point arc, the Oklahoma City Thunder's terrific 38.6% rate of sunk threes places strongest in the NBA this year.
  • The Thunder have played at the 7th-speediest pace in the league over the last 25 games.
  • Jaylin Williams will hold the home court advantage in this contest. Playing in your home stadium usually improves stat production in all facets of the game.

  • Relative to last year's 19.1 clip, Jaylin Williams's playing time has dropped this year to 13.0 minutes per game.
  • The Thunder are expected to experience a decrease in opportunities today from being pitted against the 4th-most lethargic pace-of-play team in the league over the last 10 games (the Dallas Mavericks).
  • Offensive rebounds continue possession and spark added opportunities for scoring and assists, but the Oklahoma City Thunder grade out 2ndworst in in the NBA with only 8.8 offensive rebounds per game this year.

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